The soils in our vineyard and our premium growers are comprised of red sandy loam over a limestone base, perfect for growing grapes with intense flavours. Vintage 2019 started normally following a dry, yet cool, uneventful spring. As harvest progressed this changed and an unprecedented heatwave in early January caused the vines to shut down for a couple of weeks. With decades of experience in the region our vineyard team was well prepared and provided the vines with adequate water prior to this, ensuring healthy full canopies and fruit that was unaffected by this extreme weather event. As the weather moderated into February the vines awoke from their slumber and ripened the fruit to perfection.


In order to ensure no loss of flavour intensity we harvest in the early hours of the morning and press the grapes as soon as they arrive at the winery. The intensely sweet juice was allowed to clarify naturally prior to innoculation with selected yeasts and a slow, controlled fermentation. Once the desire level of sweetness was achieved the ferment was stopped and the wine bottled on the Angove Estate.

NOTE WELL: If you wish to order wine or other vintage products, unless the vintage is specified in the TITLE, we will send you the current available vintage. 


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