Artero Reserva 2016 Artero Reserva is a red wine of the Denomination of origin of La Mancha prepared to be a “reserva” with a longer ageing in oak. Without losing its fruit attributes, it adds the smoky nuances of ageing that are reached during 16 months in a barrel. The composition is 80% American and 20% French oak. The varieties are Tempranillo, Merlot, Syrah, a sort that best extracts the creamy compounds of the French barrel added to the spices of the American. Thanks to 12 months of ageing in the bottle, the wine projects an expression of ripe black fruit and slightly toasted notes of the roasted oak, both very well assembled. The wine has some memories of wild herbs and a balsamic point, which gives it a certain complexity and flavour.

Recommended Dishes: Roast meats and stews,legumes and blue cheese.

Country: Spain

Type: Red Wine

Alc. 14% vol.


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