Bulldog London Dry Gin 750ml 40% – Premium Botanical Gin

Product Description

Bulldog, with its unique botanical blends, reinterprets the classic London Dry Gin, creating a smooth and balanced premium quality Gin. Bulldog’s creative botanical blend gives it a versatility that also adds a touch of modernity to the iconic G&T cocktails as well as to the famous cocktails where the Gin plays a key role, such as the Negroni.

• Bulldog is a modern reinterpretation of London Dry Gin, wisely created with exotic botanicals making it unexpectedly smooth.
• Its 12 botanicals include White Poppy from Turkey, along with Dragon Eye and Lotus Leaf from China; adding a layer of distinction to its refreshing citrus notes.
• Founded in the USA by a daring entrepreneur with the ambition to create the first modern Gin. This is the birthplace of Bulldog.
• With its smooth yet complex liquid, BULLDOG delivers a refined taste and an unexpected drinking experience.
• Enjoy the iconic Bulldog G&T easy to mix cocktails with a hint of sophistication at home, for modern gin lovers only.


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