GU JING GONG JIU GU 5 年份原浆古5 500ML | 50%ALC

古井贡酒  年份原浆古5 GU JING GONG JIU GU 5

Gujing Gongjiu Year Puree Gu 5 is a middle-end Luzhou-flavor liquor of the Year Puree series produced by Gujing. Both Gujing Gongjiu and Yanghe are typical representatives of the Jianghuai Elegant and Luzhou-flavored wine. This Gu 5 is positioned as an entry-level product in the Vintage Puree Gu series. This product is carefully brewed from high-quality sorghum, rice, wheat, glutinous rice, and corn. It has the characteristics of clear and transparent color, elegant cellar aroma, and mellow taste.


Water, Sorghum, Rice, Wheat, Sticky Rice, Corn

Cool, dark, ventilated and dry.