LU ZHOU LAO JIAO TE QU 泸州老窖特曲 500ML | 52%ALC


As the typical representative of Strong Aroma Baijiu in China, the brewing technique, characteristics of the flavor and style of Tequ, all become the production standards and inspection standards of strong aroma baijiu in China. It is an aromatic and crispy baijiu with great intensity and length. In 2006, Luzhou Laojiao·Tequ was certified as one of the first “Time-honored brands of China”by the Ministry of Commerce.

Tequ literally means the highest level of Daqu, representing the highest quality of our standard Qu series. Brewed by 6 national baijiu-brewing masters, Luzhou Laojiao·Tequ is truly a masterpiece.

52%ABV | 50cl


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