RAIZ MERLOT 750ML | 2022 | 11.5% ALC

Raiz means root. As producers of the best wines in Chile. The word Raiz takes us to the bottom of our land. To extract the soil’s richness that will give our grapes unique qualities and take us to outstanding flavours and armos. Raiz is the root that leads us to join The De Aguirre Family in their knowledge and experience on winemaking in the Maule Valley. Raiz.
Bringing these wines to your table. We invite you to taste this selection of wines. That will take you in a magical journey into the depths of our land and terroirs.
Bright ruby-violet color. The wine is intense with abundant notes of ripe red fruits, plum and pepper hints. It’s tannins are sweet and velvety. Has a long and lingering finish.


Grape variety:


Ideal as a company for roast beef, pork, pasta and fresh cheeses.
Recommended serving temperature between 16°C – 18°C.