Characteristics Sierra Cantabria Reserva
Sierra Cantabria Reserva is a red wine made with Tempranillo, grapes from over 30 year old vineyards with low yields planted on the winery’s land in San Vicente de la Sonsierra, in the D.O. La Rioja.
The harvest is carried out by hand and the grape bunches are sorted. Once destemmed, the grapes begin the alcoholic fermentation for 8 days with the selected yeasts. The wine goes through a post-fermentative maceration with its skins for 21 days, carrying out two energetic pump-overs per day until the wine finishes fermenting. During the maceration, the frequency of the pump-overs is reduced according to the process of the maceration, to avoid the extraction of bitter and vegetal nuances from the grapes.
The malolactic fermentation takes place in barrels. The ageing lasts for 18 months in French and American oak barrels, 40% new, and 60% a maximum of 3 wines old. The wine is racked every 4 months and is bottled without being filtered.

Country: Spain

Variety: 100% Temparillo

Alc: 14% Vol.


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