I feared that I had lost my sense of smell after struggling to find any aroma from the glass on the first pour. After a tactical taste of this dram, I was relieved that it was down to the very subtle aroma and not from a nasty virus.
After digging like a hog’s snout in a trough, I pick up some sweet vanilla, a little bit of cherry and custard powder. The bourbon cask is certainly at the forefront.
A drop of water doesn’t really release any hidden delights on the nose. Maybe a little bit of banana but that is about it.

What a contrast! There is a fantastic creamy texture, akin to a toffee milkshake with plenty of malt in the mixture. It avoids being boring by providing a delightful punch of spice between each sip.
On the back, there is fresh cut grass and floral notes providing a more delicate finish than expected. The texture thins out at the final stage but provides an impressively good amount of warmth clinging on ready for your next sip.


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