DUERMEALMAS is the part of San Vicente on the other side of the Ebro River, neighboring with Briones. On the border of both jurisdictions there was the chapel of Los Remedios, after a peaceful agreement San Vicente de la Sonsierra enjoys its virgin of Los Remedios and Briones consequently the Christ of Los Remedios. The vineyard has an area of 0.87 hectares, planted in goblet system in 1940 (although in the records of the DOCa Rioja it appears as 1950) with a planting frame of 1.70 x 1.60 m and plant density of 3675 vines/Ha. It is located at an altitude of 435 m, on a 14.5% slope with an east-west orientation and borders the Ebro River. Alkaline limestone loam soil, with low organic matter and cation-exchange capacity, ideal for the cultivation the quality grapes. The 2017 vintage was classified as “very good” by DOCa Rioja regulatory council. In Rioja Alta it was mostly a dry year, with a severe frost on April 28. Only 2.260 kg was harvested from Duermealmas vineyard that equivalents to 2.597 kg/ha yield. Early harvest on September 26.

Country: Spain

Grape Variety: 100% Tempranillo, from “DUERMEALMAS” single vineyard, harvested exclusively by hand.

Alcohol: 14.0% Vol.


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