This little gem covers just 0.24 hectares and was planted with goblet-trained vines in square formation in 1927 (although in the records of the Rioja Control Board it appears as 1952). It is located at an altitude of 410 m, on a slope with a 20% incline and perfect southern exposure. A majestic walnut tree towers over the vineyard.
The soil has a pronounced calcareous-clay character, with a medium-level organic matter content and cation-exchange capacity, perfect for growing vines. The 2017 vintage was classified as “very good” by DOCa Rioja regulatory council. In Rioja Alta it was mostly dry year, with a severe frost on April 28. Only 720 kg was harvested from El Manao vineyard that equivalents to 3,000 kg/ha yield. Early harvest on September 23.

Country: Spain

Grape Variety: 100% Tempranillo grapes from the “el Manao” single vineyard, harvested by hand. (French oak barrels on October 3, 2017, where the wine aged for 22 months without racking.)

Alcohol: 14.0% Vol.


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