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Saito Sake Journal


‘Don’t be deceived by the crystal-clear looking liquid, Sulo!

You WILL get drunk on these if you drink it the same way as you do your wines!’ was what my dear friend Logan said to me the first time I tried this yummy beverage. And it became one of my favourite go to drinks every time I have J...

Mähler-Besse Masterclass
Mähler-Besse Masterclass



Seven Bordeaux wines to sample in one sitting!

I was again given the privilege to host a masterclass for wines from Mähler-Besse and without hesitation I said yes! Invitations were sent out to our regular customers and of course some new faces for those who won their seats.



The mas...

Wine Masterclass Viña Perez Cruz
Wine Masterclass Viña Perez Cruz


How lucky we are to be the first few to taste the new arrivals from the Perez Cruz Winery.

We literally had it delivered to our doorstep a few days before the tasting.

What better way than to enjoy it with my fellow colleague and friends, both new and old, on a leisurely Saturday afternoon?...

Domaine De La Baume Tasting Event
Domaine De La Baume Tasting Event


‘‘Would the guests enjoy the wine selection as much as I did?”

“How many would turn up? Would we be fully booked?”

“Have I done enough marketing to promote the event?”

“Would it be a success, or would it flop?”

These are the usual worries running through my mind every time there was an event...

Haselgrove Wine
Haselgrove Wine


TGIF people,

I’ve recently listed some new collections in our website, Haselgrove, which I’ve yet to try and I was thrilled that a wine tasting dinner was arranged a few days ago held at Ciccio Restaurant. My colleague, Esther & I have never been to Ciccio, nestled amongst the shop-lots of Chang...