Gewurztraminer of Cono Sur
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Gewurztraminer Time!

Its time for the Cono Sur Gewurztraminer and Pinot Noir.

Earlier this week I shared the Cono Sur Bicicleta range of Chile with you and this time round I’d like to highlight the two wines that beginners will be great for beginners and yet complex enough to be appreciated by connoisseurs of all kinds – the Pinot Noir and the Gewurztraminer.

The Pinot Noir grapes originates from France and is most chiefly associated with the Burgundy region. We don’t know exactly how and when the Pinot Noir found itself in its new home, nor whom had actually brought it over to the New World, but what matters is that it happened.

Now what makes Chile interesting is its many regions with its micro climates as well as its diverse terroir. And so what happens is when you grow the Pinot Noir in two different areas, you will (most likely) end up with two different tasting wine, although the label on the bottle says the same ‘Pinot Noir’. Cono Sur winery has several vineyards around Chile and the Pinot Noir is present in all but the Bicicleta Pinot Noir was grown at various wineyards across Chile with either alluvial and gravely soil or red clay and granite. The climate is generally mild, with cool nights and foggy mornings. These grapes are harvested (done via machinary up to 85% and the rest hand picked by farm workers) during the March to April period and after processing, left to age 50% in oak barrels and 50% in stainless steel drums. .

This results in a voluptuous Pinot Noir with rich fruit notes of cherry, raspberry, plum and strawberry can be considered a red fruit party – enhanced by subtle smoked hints. In your mouth, sweet fruit notes stand out, and its fine tannins give it a great texture and a mouth filling structure. Balanced and New World styled, this is a wine of personality and elegance. Sexy, pure and simple, it’s a young and refreshing Pinot Noir that can be enjoyed chilled.

Next up, the Gewurztraminer : its a pink wine grape producing distinct whites, rich in aroma and flowery perfume and with a wonderful deep color. The flavor associations are of lychee, gingerbread, vanilla, grapefruit, rose petals and honeysuckle come out of this varietal.

This particular vineyard is situated in the southern parts near the coast and therefore has a lower temperature climate, rarely rising above 25 degrees centigrade, and where the soil is mineral rich with clayish consistency. The grapes are harvested somewhere during late march mostly by workers handpicking the fruits (up to 70% harvested by human labour) and the rest is done using machinery. The aging process then takes place for 3 to 12 months in stainless steel tanks.

The results : a beautiful green-yellow Gewürztraminer displays a complex nose with an aromatic presence of fresh fruits, rose petals and hints of spices and litchi fruit. In your mouth, it’s an expressive, original and savoury wine, with stone fruit notes. A rich, opulent, young Gewürztraminer, very balanced and persistent.

Although it may sound intimidating for some, the Pinot Noir and Gewurztraminer is both very approachable and makes for delightful drinking. I’ve even heard customers say that the Gewurztminer suits Chinese and Indian food surprisingly well! So if you’re looking for some bottles to go with your meals or just to drink on its own, do experience these two for yourself ya.

Till the next time.