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Greetings WineTalker,

I’m pretty excited to bring you what some people call the best kept secret of the old wine world – wines of Hungary. They are semi-sweet wines which makes it a perfect choice to pour this festive season. There’s a pair of reds as well as a pair of whites.

Now we don’t hear of Hungarian wines quite as often as their European counterparts, which is quite a pity. Over a hundred years ago, Hungary was one of the most important wine producers in Europe. Every royal court in Europe clinked glases filled with precious gold Tokaji (pronounced ‘toe-kye’) while other lush Hungarian red and whites were enjoyed throughout Europe.

Due to the some aggressive assault of phylloxera in the 1880s, coupled with world wars and political events lead to the diminishing dominion of Hungarian wines. Fortunately, Hungary is bouncing back. With 22 wine regions growing hundreds of varietals, there are a great many wines to explore!

The latitude of Hungary is actually the same range as many of France’s top wine regions (Northern Rhone to Champagne). Hungary’s rolling hills are rich in volcanic soils and limestone–idyllic soil types for fine winemaking. They are also ideal for producing sweet wines as well – including the womes on offer today.

The reds are made of the local grape varietal, namely Kekfrankos (‘cake-fronl-kosh’) and Kadarka. The whites are of the Muscat Ottonel and the Furmint. The Tokaji (Furmint) (as was mentioned earlier) was a staple at royal courts and surely would be a good option for you to treat yourself as well as friends and family to this coming Christmas.

There you have it – just in time to enjoy this golden treat for yourself with your friends and family this Christmas!


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