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Monkey Shoulder Whiskey

TIL : The term Monkey Shoulder harks back to the whisky making heritage. It’s a reference to a condition that maltmen, who worked at distilleries, enduring long shifts of manually turning the barley. The tough work – working long shifts and turning the barley – had a tendency to cause them to stoop and their arm to hang down. Just like a monkey! 

I came across Monkey Shoulder whiskey during the time when Single Malts were the craze in town. So, it was actually going against the grain when the blended scotch was introduced to us :

Not only did the name make an impression – but the smoothness and taste of it as well. Well worth our exploration efforts! And with our promo pack, you may now enjoy whisky whilst bricking with Jenga (quite a challenging feat if I may say so).

Cheers to your health!

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