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Mujestic Musang King

Its the Return of the King!

We’ve got an interesting shot in store for you today. Featuring the King of fruits itself, no less. Yes, introducing the locally produced Mujestic liquour – made from the highly regarded Musang King itself! (Apologies for the longish email – but its worth the read, I think)

I know, I know…when you picture a durian feast, this isn’t what you have in mind. Instead of having a chopper in one hand to prise open the thorny fruit, all you need to do now is to unscrew the bottle and let the rich aroma of the delectable durian to engulf your senses.

But but but Sulo … durian liqueur? Is this even a thing? Are you pulling our legs here or something? To be honest, I have the same reservations as you do now. So I did some googling and research of my own – and found out that this liqueur is in fact quite a big thing in China. Yes, one of our big exports to China other than the fruit itself is this durian liqueur!

Okay, that information did soothe some of my initial qualms admittedly. But it did not fully extinguish all doubts from my mind yet. So, the only thing that can be done is to have an actual taste test of this ‘liquid gold’. Being the good host that I am (and also in terms of increasing the sample size so that the results isn’t skewed), I’ve invited my gang of regular drinkers for a meal at my place, telling them that I have a surprise ‘shot’ planned out for them as well.

So the big day came … my friends were treated to a feast of crabs and oysters (hey, I did say that I’m a gracious host, didn’t I?) With about 70% of the food safely tucked away in their tummies, I brought out the bottle for a show and drink. The initial response was as expected – “Wahlauweh … durian liqueur?’ they exclaimed with a hint of disbelieve.

Then, the moment of truth. The bottle was opened and passed around – everyone got a good whiff of the aroma pouring out of the bottle – and it passed the first stage – the taste test. On to the second stage – pouring into shot glasses, we observed the yellowly creamy goodness, not as thick as you’d expect. (A quick point to note here : there were 2 non durian eaters amongst us that day, but their curiosity got the better of them).

With the shot glasses in hand, we all toasted to our good health and fortune – and downed it in unison.

The Verdict : Everyone reported the same thing – Hey, this thing is surprisingly smooth and rich! Just like the actual Musang King, you could enjoy the sweetness with a tinge of bitterness with it. Heck, even the two non durian persons actually downed it saying the same thing.

And so you have it folks. Not only coming from me but from 9 different individuals – the Mujestic Musang King did indeed live up to its reputation of the King … of Liqueur!

Talk to you soon.