Product Description

Country: Spain
Region: Somontano
Type: White
Varietal: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc
Body: Medium

UNIQUE, elegant and modern production from a hillside vineyard that provides minerality and very intense aromas. Wine that unites the expression of two varieties. The citrus energy and warmth of the chardonnay and the mineral depth of the sauvignon blanc.

Lemon yellow, clean and bright with intense aromas, highlighting white, citrus and tropical fruits. Hints of pastry and a certain mineral nuance. Sweet entry, fresh on the mid-palate and with a fatty mid palate.
The minerality of the vineyard and the finesse provided by the barrel, make it the best option for innovative cuisine. It is a daring wine that can pair complex dishes with different flavors.
We suggest you pair it with white meat (Iberian pork), fish and poultry.



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