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Bordeaux Wines Tasting – 23rd April 2022 3pm – 5pm

Venue : WineTalk Lounge

Time and Date : 3pm-5pm on 23rd April 2022

Tasting includes :

6 Glasses of Bordeaux Wines per pax

Finger food for pairing purposes

Limited to 12 pax only


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Due to popular demand, our Wine Tasting episode continues with the Bordeaux Wines tasting. Suitable for the ‘new-to-wines’ as well as the ‘familiar-to-wines’ crowd. Come mingle (at a safe distance, of course) and get your taste buds acquainted with the legendary wines of Bordeaux. Experience firsthand  how different wines from the ‘left bank’ can be from the ‘right bank‘ as well as how it pairs with different food types (we’ll provide food samples for this purpose).

As before, we’re limiting the Bordeaux Wines Tasting session to only 12 participants to keep us safely distanced at our WineTalk Lounge. Be prepared for a real treat as you’ll be sampling the higher range Bordeaux wines (average bottle price of RM160/bottle)

Rest assured that our WineTalk lounge is always sanitised regularly and all our staff are fully vaccinated (plus booster shots taken as well). Your safety and the adherence to the SOPs are our upmost priority.