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Senorio De Irati Pairing


Earlier in the week, we presented you with a trio of Spanish wines, with a bottle especially highlighted by the Wine Enthusiast as a 90 pointer wine. With a find like that, we’d have to try it for ourselves to see what this wine is about.

With a guest coming over for dinner, I’ve prepared a simple menu with food selection to pair with the Senorio De Irati (which is a Garnacha). There’s the steamed egg for a flavour that’s not too over powering, a stir fried green vege (siew pak choy) and for the protein dish – I’ve prepared my family’s favourite – nam yue fried pork (fermented red beancurd). Simple dishes yes, but they should do the trick.

[As a reminder, Michael Schachner of Wine Enthusiast described this wine as ” Spicy berry aromas come with welcome side notes of desert brush, while this feels juicy and bright throughout. Spiced black cherry aromas are pure and fruity, with a bold and tasty finish providing back up.”]

Upon opening the bottle, we were greeted by berry aromas for sure. When taking a sip from the first pour, it seemed that the flavours are there yet not quite ready for its full potential. And no wonder as I checked the bottle for its bottling date – 2018. Definitely needs some time to breathe.

We gave it a 10 minute breather while we caught up with the gossiping to be had, and then the second sip – this time round its much better and looks more like living up to its expectation of a 90 pointer. The spice is more noticeable with its berry aromas more pronounced. Our next thought was quite unanimous – what happens in another 10 minutes?

Turns out that after that additional 10 minutes, the wine comes alive – with all its flavours in full swing, you get a delightful combination of fruity (almost jammy, but not quite) and spicy – and for the final test, the taste pairing with the pork : Our verdict – this is a YES, MORE PLEASE! bottle.

The nam yue (fermented bencurd) is somewhat similar to what a cheese pairing does for wine for its both a product of fermentation. Some would even categorise it as having a pungent aroma not unlike certain cheeses. Nevertheless, when marinated with pork and fried, the flavours of the nam yue imbued pork can be described as miniature bites of gastronomy pleasures – the sweetness of the pork coupled with the fragrance of the pork fat when fried, complements the Senorio de Irati quite famously.

Verdict : this bottle is joining us for CNY dinner surely.


PS : This has been as interesting to write as it has been to test the wine. Shall we do this more often then? haha.