Sommelier Dynamic Duo curated sets
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Sommelier Dynamic Duos

Introducing our Sommelier (aka Sulo) Dynamic Duos where we specially curate a set of two bottles for your experimenting pleasure. Just like Batman & Robin or Thelma & Louise, each has a distinctive characteristic to bring out the best in the other. So, why did I choose what I chose? Here’s the breakdown of our Sommelier Dynamic Duos (sounding like an origin story)

Chit Chat Duo

  1. For those who like to have a white before the red. This wine is crisp with a pleasant nose of grapefruit. I especially love the lemony aftertaste. One of my go to everyday white. This red has a very unique twist with blends of 40% Teroldego, 35% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Syrah. It was oak barreled for 12 month. Hence the rich flavours with touch of cedar.
  2. Definitely with seafood dishes, especially salt bake crab or steam crab or prawns. Even with Kam Heong seafood would be a match made in heaven.
    The red definitely with a juicy piece of steak or for local delight a yummy plate of Hokkein Char with lots of crispy lard.

Dinner Duo

  1. I especially love European wines and Tempranillo is one of my favourite varietal having spent time in Spain and learning more of the wine from this country. Look at the bottle! It comes with nice visual with food pairing! Juicy with dark cherry, pleasantly balanced with acidity & tannins.
    I again paired the cavit here to showcase the difference both red with such different style can bring joy of tasting to you. My take is to go with the Tapas and followed by the Cavit.
  2. Tapas with a nice piece of gourmet bread to go with olive oil. But really try with the suggestion the label asked for. Local food, I’ll go with Roti Canai with Chicken curry.

Juicylicious Duo

  1. Again I match 2 bottles of totally different style of wine. I believe in the more you try the better you learn. I love Rioja Crianza with lots of black fruits flavours.
    Chilean wine is one that I go to when I’m looking for reasonably priced wine with great potential to showcase what a good wine they can be and gaining popularity. This merlot is complex and delicious!
  2. Vina Pomal goes well with dried shrimp fried rice. Merlot with mushroom dishes.

Old Meets New

  1. Shiraz or Syrah, I love Love Love it Why Australia? cause they’re more robust in taste and the European more delicate. And i like both styles. It really depends on the mood of the day. But both give such smooth palate I can’t say no to either.
  2. I would go for Vaddai or Rawa thosai or Curry Mee with lots of Cockles to go with this two.

Yummy European

  1. Pinot Noir, the most under-rated varietal in Malaysia. Here most ppl like kau kau wine and doesn’t really bother with flavourful wine. In layman term drinking a quality Pinot noir is like drinking a high quality green chinese tea that give so much flavours instead of kopi o peng kau kau. I would serve this at chilled temp. Cavit is so smooth with cherry flavours
    The B&G is a bit more different as it grows on Mediterranean climate which give it more flavours.
  2. I would go with Grilled fish on this wine. For both. Or a nice bowl of Roast Pork rice.

So there you have it – some thoughts on why and how these dynamic duos ended up together. Start your weekend with a mix n match – dynamic duo set or two!