Syrah and Verdejo of Pasos de la Capula
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Syrah of Pasos de la Capula

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Introducing the Syrah and Verdejo from Pasos de la Capula. This week, we bring you two wines from the region of the fabled wind mill at Alcazar de San Juan—the setting of the famous literary work Don Quixote : Castilla. Its one of the largest viticulral area of the world, and the altitude of the central plateau allows for a wide diurnal variation that helps maintain good acidity in wines.

The Pasos del la Capula is the project initiated by Rafael De Haan and Nuria Altes. The pair met in the wine trade and soon formed a close partnership (Rafael exported Nuria’s wines from Celler Batea) to discover and select the best of what Spain has to offer.

Nuria Altes reminiscences :
“As a young girl I remember hearing the sound of tractors starting up at dawn. It meant it was harvest time again. The smell of grape must permeated through the streets for days. My parents and, especially, my grandparents taught me the value of belonging to this land and, like an old vine with my feet rooted in the soil, I grew up to love the place around me.”

As for Rafa, he dipped his toes in the world of wine as an assistant buyer in Britain back in 2000. His work brought him to places like Argentina and Chile, and he soon discovered that he’d rather be close to the vines than in an office. A year later, he discovered the great potential of Spanish wines after moving to Barcelona. This lead him to learn as much as he could by immersing himself in the wine trade there.

Finally, Rafael and Nuria formed Herencia Altes with its vision of bringing the best of Spanish wines to the world. For your consideration : the Pasos de la Capula Syrah and a Verdejo.

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