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The Three Amigos


We interrupt your Tuesday afternoon with a delightful piece of news (its not everyday that you’d be able to pull a 90 pointer wine out of your hat…and at THAT price point as well!)

Introducing the trio de la Espanyola. We have the Reino De Azabra’s Tempranillo, the El Lagar De La Aldea’s Cabernet Sauvignon and then the Senorio De Irati’s Garnacha.

Mosen Pierre of Azagra, the producers of one of last month’s bestsellers – the Don Toribio continues its bull run with two offerings this week :

Reino de Azabra (translated into Kingdom of Azabra), a Tempranillo
El Lagar De La Aldea which is a Cabernet Sauvignon.

Bodegas Mosen Pierre only uses the fruit of its vineyards in Navarra and La Rioja states. The region is located in the north of Spain and it covers the two sides of the Ebro River and experiences two different weathers in the same area : The Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

This is why the region has perfect weather conditions for the wine production. Thanks to the average age of the vines, which is between twenty and twenty five years old and some of them also exceed fifty years, the vineyard is able to produce excellent wines.

Up next, the wine that scored 90 points from Wine Enthusiast – the Garnacha from Senorio De Irati, brought to you from Bodegas Manzano Azagra. Bodegas Manzanos Azagra is the flagship of Manzanos Wines, and is located in what is called “Rioja del Reyno” in Azagra (Navarra).

This is what Michael Schachner (of wine enthusiast) has to say bout this bottle :

“Spicy berry aromas come with welcome side notes of desert brush, while this feels juicy and bright throughout. Spiced black cherry aromas are pure and fruity, with a bold and tasty finish providing back up.”

At that very attractive price point (RM59), you’d better hurry to stock up this bottle for I’m sure the stocks aren’t going to last long! Sure to be a hit when served at that family reunion/gathering at home!


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