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How do you choose wines for a wedding event? What type should you pick? Reds or whites? What sort of budget am I looking at? How should I arrange for the delivery?

There’s already a tonne of planning and coordinating to do when preparing for that big day – we’re here to ease the planning of the drinks on your part.

Throughout my time in the wine industry, I have countless request for wines for wedding. And I’ve noticed that most of these requests are from those that have no experience in wine drinking; they wanted wine to be served just for the sake of their guests. As a result, some might end up with crappy (not sure if I should use this word, correct me if you think not) wines. I’ve attended countless wedding events that served some really lousy wine (before I joined this industry) and I think to myself why bother at all in the first place. And many time friends would lament that there’s so many left over bottles! 

Here are some food for thought :

1. Wine range between RM30 to RM40

A majority will request for the wine to be smooth, flavourful, yummy, not too sweet, not too sour (it’s acidic ya people!) and liked by everyone! Oh dear, there’s a saying I sometimes do believe in. Cheap things not good and good things not cheap. Wines are hardly priced in these range these days due to the high taxes and import duty. Hence those that import and sell at such price are really the lowest quality you may find in the market. Or you may find those bottled in Malaysia selling at convenient stores. A better range of wine is somewhere between RM40 to RM60. They may be entry level but there are some that is pretty decent. My advice is this :  Is your crowd wine drinkers? If not, just stick with the beer and hard liquor. Don’t go for wine that leaves the guests with a bitter taste.

2. Over Calculated

Oh there are those that have better budget but wanting more just because they’re afraid it’s not enough! My calculation is to always average your guests to one glass per person and one bottle to 5 glasses. It would be just nice as not everybody will go for wine. Especially if the event is held on Sunday night, where most guests won’t indulge too much as they need to work the next day. Even if it’s on a Saturday night, then maybe add an extra 3 to 6 bottles on top of the calculations. I’ll always ask if you know if your guests are wine drinkers. Then I’ll be able to offer a more accurate calculation based on your guests liking.

3. Sampling

Most companies provide sampling should your order be above a certain amount. But less than 24 bottles at the lowest possible price range won’t get you that offer. So best to get the wines to try or get an expert’s honest opinion and taste together with them. One thing I love best for those that have better budget is to do blind tasting. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll discover. The most expensive in the menu may not be the one you like. And have a few family members do it together because it will be fun. Some would offer X amount of free samples and you might need to purchase some extras that you’re curious enough to try. So, if you’re willing to spend more, I would advise on spending some time to source and sample even if it’ll cost you a bit extra. You might even end up saving more in the long run.

4. Delivery

Now, I do believe in NO STRESS on your BIG day. Do find a reliable company that could deal directly with the venue place, event manager or the wedding planner for the deliveries (yes, we will do that for you). Please don’t get your friends or relatives carrying these heavy bottles to the dinner place!

That’s a few pointers that you should keep in mind when planning for wedding wines. Should you need more detailed explanation, feel free to email me at sulo [at] or call us at 03-7972 0720 / 011-3585 0720 and ask for Sulo.