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Willowglen of De Bortolli Wines

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We begin our Tiger Year with some new wines from Down Under : Introducing wines from the De Bortoli family, where the third generation of familial winemakers are currently managing the winery and vineyards.

The story begins in 1924 with Vittorio De Bortoli journeying from Castelcucco to New South Wales (Castelcucco is a comune in the Province of Treviso in the Italian region Veneto). As with most migrants, Vittorio worked his socks off and saved like a boss by living (of all places) under a rain water tank for some time!

Four years later, Vittorio purchases a 55 acre mixed fruit farm. (Imagine performing the same feat now, with current world wages – nothing short of miraculous!). His lucky break came in the form of a glut of shiraz grapes of the neighboring farms – they were willing to let Vittorio take them for free! He duly obliged, crushed 15 tonnes of shiraz grapes that year – and the local Italians and other European workers bought the wines of him – De Bortoli Wines was born! The very next year, Vittorio and Giuseppina got married on the farm – sparking new generations of De Bortoli babies.

The Willowglen wines hail from the Riverina region of Australia. Riverina is New South Wales’ largest wine region, where it stands out for its distinctly hot climate and quality soil. Despite its vast history with cattle and rice, it is now a region with a diverse range of wines.

The region’s size and nutrient-rich soil make it perfect for growing different types of grapes. However, Shiraz, Semillon and Chardonnay are among the most popular in the area. These grapes, Semillon especially, are also used to make a sweet wine that Riverina is famous for.

There’s also the ever popular moscato as well as a pink moscato in Willowglen’s offering this time round. Come sample some for yourself – the sweet wines makes for good drinking after meals or pairing with desert – perfect for a family reunion, in fact, any dinner occasion!


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