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Willowglen Pairing with Biscuits

Hello again,

I can’t quite believe it – just a blink, and its 7 days to the new year! Its been an action packed two weeks leading up to this day, keeping busy with work and the cleaning up/throwing out the old barang-barang at home. Throw in the managing of the school going young one, and its no wonder where all the time went.

Fortunately, cooking is a means of destressing for me – and it helps when we’ve got versatile wines as the Willowglen to accompany our meals. This time round, the food experiment involves leftovers from Christmas/New Year – turkey meat. And instead of rice, we’re making bacon stuffed biscuit cooked in gravy.

Sounds like quite a challenge, but its actually pretty simple to prepare (lemme know if you’d like the recipe for this dish) – the meat and stock goes into the baking dish together with the biscuits as well. Within half an hour, you’ll be greeted by a most mouth watering treat.

Now, how did the Willowglen fare? Lets start with the Cabernet Merlot. This is a medium bodied wine and has flavours of fruits and berries in just the right amount – not too overwhelming. The palate is quite soft as well and I will definitely say it paired rather well with the Turkey meat. With the structure of the wine, I would also venture to say that this wine suits poultry dishes (chicken) as well. Just remember to pop a bottle or two into the fridge half an hour before meal time to bring the temperature down to about 18 degrees C for that satisfying pour.

Next up – the Pink Moscato. To be quite upfront with you – I’m honestly not a big fan of sweet wines, That’s not to say that I avoid them completely, rather that I usually limit myself to a glass when offered. So it is to my delight when I say that i enjoyed Pink Moscato – it wasn’t as sweet as I had expected it to be, and the fresh palate made this drink an enjoyable one indeed. I had almost three glasses of this Moscato and thoroughly enjoyed its company.

I would say that this Moscato would be also quite easy to pair with most dishes appearing at the reunion dinner – be it fish/seafood, chicken or pork dishes or even as a dessert accompaniment. Its quite yummy and has ignited my curiosity to test out more pairing with this bottle.

So there you have it, two selection of wines for your consideration for that reunion dinner. Just remember to order in time for your celebratory meal to usher in the year of the Tiger.

Yam Seng!

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