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Wine Tasting – Dipping your Toes

We recently concluded a wine tasting session on the 19th of March (it was a two hour event) and I’m quite pleased to be able to call it a success! Thank you to all those who took time off their schedule to join us in this wine exploration.

Some of them are new to wine, and curious to learn more but there were some also a bit intimidated by the whole ‘wine class’ thing. I just told them that its best to approach it like how they would when attending a movie – its an experience to be enjoyed and nothing be fearful of. Treat it like a ‘yum char’ session with new friends (but with wine) and most importantly – there are no ‘silly questions’ at this session. We’ll just address each question as they come up as its an opportunity for us to learn from each other.

Another thing that I have to share – there really isn’t a ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ wine for you; I personally feel that liking a certain wine is individual’s taste. I’m not here to tell you if its the right or wrong for you. You get to try it out for yourself and make a mental note of your favourites.

Since it was an introductory class, we tried out 6 different types of Willowglen wines on that day (instead of comparing similar varietals) – so that the participant will get a taste and determine the differences between the varietals. Once you get to know the basic taste, you’ll can decide for yourself which types suit your palate. Some other friends are a bit worried about the more ‘technical aspects’ of wine, terms such as nose, or body to tannins and terroir – to these I will say ‘NOT to worry’. Its just some fancy smancy that is meant to be explored together along the way.

So all in all, its was a fun, relaxing event and not some exam preparation type of class. Due to popular request, we’re also planning our next wine tasting event (April 2022) which should cater for the next level – still, nothing crazy and the theme is still ‘have fun learning!’. Should you have any questions, you may whatsapp us at 011 3585 0720 for more information.

Hope to see you then!

Best regards,