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Zonin Ventiterre Range

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Picture of Zonin Ventiterre Cabernet

Zonin Ventiterre Cabernet

Intense and vivid ruby-red colour. Pleasant bouquet, full and richly nuanced. Dry flavour and sturdy body that shows fine breeding. It has a balanced, full and persistent taste with a lightly grassy background. It is an extremely versatile Cabernet. In its youth, it can be appreciated as a full and generous wine to be drunk throughout a meal, especially when the menu contains highly savoury dishes, such as polenta or other main course preparations of rural tradition.
RM62.00 RM55.00
Picture of Zonin Ventiterre Merlot

Zonin Ventiterre Merlot

Intense ruby-red colour enriched with brilliant reflections. Captivating because of its freshness and its delicious vinosity in combination with a delightful abundance of fruity tones. Pleasantly full and intense with soft tannins and a long fruity finish. Serve at about 16° C. (61° F.). It is a classic wine for the entire meal. It makes a particularly fi ne accompaniment for first-course dishes dressed with meat sauces, white and red meats, savoury polentas and moderately aged cheeses.
RM62.00 RM55.00
Picture of Zonin Ventiterre Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

Zonin Ventiterre Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

Brilliant, attractive and warm ruby-red colour. Broad bouquet, with well-defined scents of bitter almonds against a faint background of wild berries. Smooth, full-bodied with notable personality and outstanding persistence. Serve at 18° - 20° C. (64° - 68° F.). The wine can be consumed throughout a meal and makes a particularly fine accompaniment for tasty pasta dishes, risottos, grilled red meat and cheeses that have been aged for moderate to long periods.
RM62.00 RM55.00
Picture of Zonin Ventiterre Moscato Veneto IGT

Zonin Ventiterre Moscato Veneto IGT

Straw-yellow with golden reflections and a delicate mousse. Fruity and very inviting, with intense scents of peaches and exotic fruit. Fresh and pleasantly sweet with a taste that reveals its varietal characteristic. An excellent dessert wine. Goes perfectly with desserts & pastries. Also delicious with ice cream, or just on its own as an accompaniment to conversation among friends.
RM62.00 RM55.00
Picture of Zonin Ventiterre Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie DOC

Zonin Ventiterre Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie DOC

Appealing straw-yellow colour with delicate green reflections. Delicately fruity, relatively full and refined. It offers an ensemble of aromas of great finesse. Lightly dry and extremely fresh dry yet extremely fresh. It also offers a delicious reminder of the original grape. Its light and elegant structure makes this an unusually refined and aristocratic wine. It combines particularly well with delicate appetizers, pasta courses with light sauces and white meats. In addition, it makes a fine aperitif and is highly suited to every occasion outside meals.
RM62.00 RM55.00